HubrisOne Alpha IOS & PlayStore release

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It’s time

Alpha, what does it mean?

By Alpha, we mean that the app has limited functionality, however small progress is still progress and we will release periodic updates as we develop the app and release new updates!

What can I do on the HubrisOne Alpha app?

  • Register your details (Officially become a member!)
  • Claim your free 1,000 HBRS tokens ($10) — you won’t be able to withdraw it yet
  • Receive a referral code unique to you for you to share with friends and earn more ($$$)
  • Explore the key application and upcoming features such as Wealth, Instant blockchain payments, Learn more about the HBRS token, Current accounts, and the HubrisOne debit card

If you want to read more on the HBRS token utility and features check out this link!

Welcome to HubrisOne :)

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