Before we begin, please take note of the necessary important information below.

Please note: HubrisOne’s YieldX token will have no pre-mine, founders fees or seed investment, this is a fair launch.

Disclosure: We conducted a successful crowd-funded seed investment in 2018 where we exchanged ~6% of company equity. …

A few weeks ago we announced during our 2020 road map announcement that as part of our on-going strategy we will be restructuring our utility token, currently known as HBRS, with contract address.

Added 16th Feb 2020

How do I participate in the Swap?

  1. Send your HBRS tokens to this…

Become a shareholder in our Seed Round

Earlier this year we asked for your support to launch our multi-asset wallet into the $500bn+ digital currency market. More than 400 investors agreed to join us and invested in our pre-seed round via Seedrs.

Since our pre-seed round, we’ve achieved solid growth;

HubrisOne is excited to announce a new partnership and kiosk integration with Paxful.

HubrisOne’s aim is to be an all-in-one crypto wallet that would make digital currency trading a manageable and mainstream experience. …

Sign Up Bonus and Referrals Policy Explained

Our sign up bonus has been extremely in high demand as word spreads about a new, innovative cryptocurrency wallet on the market.

Due to such high demands, we’ve had to make a few changes to our sign-up bonus and referral policy.

Sign-up Bonus — Updated

All users that register and…

Introducing HBRS Tokenback — Reward When You Exchange

What is Tokenback?

Tokenback is our way of rewarding you when you make an exchange on our platform. We reward you instantly, directly to your wallet once you make an exchange on HubrisOne.

Why not get rewarded for something that you do everyday?

How does it work?

When you are…

HubrisOne the new All-in-One Crypto Current Account today announces it has been awarded full regulatory license approval by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

What does this mean?

This license allows us to operate as a fully regulated and compliant crypto-fiat exchange provider and allows us to operate and provide…

What you will need:

Metamask installed

Basic access to Etherscan

Follow the steps carefully to Stake your first HBRS tokens. You will need to meet the minimum threshold in order to be able to Stake successfully. …

How can I start Staking?

The HBRS Beta staking program is now available. We’ve designed the program to allow our users and community to benefit from holding HBRS tokens and growing their HBRS holdings in an organic and rewarding way.

In order to stake and receive staking rewards, users…


All in-one crypto & defi platform.

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