Up and Close with Ivan Gyimah, CEO of HubrisOne

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What is the idea behind HubrisOne and what do you plan to achieve with this project?

What thought process and motives lead to the creation of HubrisOne? How did the vision come to light and who were involved in doing this?

Can you throw some light on the integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange?

How are transactions in HubrisOne different from other ICOs? What transactions?

ICO contributors always seek for an MVP? Do you have one? On what parameters have you audited it and how your product stood out in that process?

How much (USD) are you raising in private sale vs the public sale, and what is the rationale behind it?

How do you seek to provide return funds for the investors?

Can you throw some light on the HBRS token? What makes it unique?

What is your plan if you could not achieve the hard cap?

Does KYC or whitelist exist and how are authorization and authentication processed in your project?

How did you manage to gain competitive advantage amongst your competitors?

Please give us a brief about your team and their expertise.

What is your take on the recent market crash?

What’s your take on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built upon it?

Can you give us an insight regarding your expansion plans?

Can you throw some light on your partners? What is their field of expertise?

What message would you like to convey to our readers for the adoption of blockchain?

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