Referalls, Wallet Balance and Distribution information


We’ve received many questions regarding the balance on the wallet dashboard. The wallet balance on your account is a reflection of what we will send to your ETH address. We’ve done this for a few reasons:

  1. Alpha Release: This is an Alpha application the primary focus is to educate and capture demand for early bird users for when we launch in the future. It gives our future users a taste of what is to come.
  2. Adoption, Exposure and Community: We wanted our users to be able to have the tokens immediately, send to exchanges, and learn more about HubrisOne without having to wait to May next year for when we launch.

We must stress, that this is only our MVP/Alpha application — and there is very limited functionality on the application, however, periodic updates will be coming frequently, and with each update, a new feature will be released.

Important information:

Sign-up Tokens are sent directly to the ETH address you use on the form.

This address, we send tokens to, when we are live can be imported to HubrisOne or you can create a new wallet on our app.

Distribution will start from the 24th December.

*Referrals:* Receive 1,000 HBRS ($10) for every friend you refer.

Referral credit will be will be sent directly to your ETH wallet on the 24th December or shortly after.

Originally published at HubrisOne Blog.

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