Pre-Register for our investment Seed Round & Introducing HubrisOne X

Become a shareholder in our Seed Round

Earlier this year we asked for your support to launch our multi-asset wallet into the $500bn+ digital currency market. More than 400 investors agreed to join us and invested in our pre-seed round via Seedrs.

Since our pre-seed round, we’ve achieved solid growth;

· We successfully designed and developed HubrisOne

· Launched our product successfully into the market

· Signed up more than 85,000 users within our first few months of launch

· Started to generate revenues through our integrated in-app exchange

· Secured our double digital currency crypto licenses opening up future growth opportunities.

The private round is limited to a small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public — be sure to register your interest and pledge!

You can pre-register using this link

What’s Next?

In Q1 of 2020, we are launching a digital currency exchange, HubrisOne X. Our exchange will allow our customers to buy, sell and exchange digital currencies, stocks and FX — customers will have the choice to settle and take profits in either BTC, ETH or XRP and major fiat currencies. Our customers can expect the same high quality, easy to use, clean UI/UX design they have experienced with the HubrisOne wallet.

The digital currency markets represent over $50billion in daily traded volume, and we believe it’s still in its infancy. HubrisOne X is not just good for our business but it’s great for our existing customers too, our customers will benefit from;

· reduced trading fees

· leverage (go short or long)

· deeper liquidity

· clean and easy to use interface

We will share more information on HubrisOne X soon.

We’re building all-in-one digital currency eco-system one product at a time.

Pre-register for our seed round here

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All in-one crypto & defi platform.

All in-one crypto & defi platform.