It’s been a great 2018

Are you ready for 2019?

It’s been a busy 2018, and just as we enter a fresh new year of opportunities, we wanted to share with you the achievements and key events of the past few months.

The Key Events

  • Over 10,200 early bird users have successfully registered and confirmed their accounts on our IOS app and Android applications (Links to download below)
  • We submitted our Crowdcube seed campaign last week and fundraising begins in January, we will send more information on this very soon. You could own shares in HubrisOne!
  • HubrisOne (HBRS) tokens will be listed on Swiss digital asset exchange ChainCreator. HBRS tokens can be purchased from the 1st of January 2019, with start price of $0.01 per token.
  • Our rapidly growing team is getting bigger with great new talents joining HubrisOne. Check out the new team and advisors here

HubrisOne App Updates

In-app notifications are coming to HubrisOne — stay on top of key investment news and token sale updates directly from the app.

By tapping on any of the notifications, you can read in more detail any news, events or insights we send you directly on your HubrisOne app.

Watch HubrisOne Product Presentation

Thank you to our friends, family and most importantly, the HubrisOne community for making it a great year.

Have an awesome festive holiday period and a Happy New Year! See you in 2019!

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Originally published at HubrisOne Blog.

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