HubrisOne: The all-in-one cryptocurrency current account.

HubrisOne The Solution We’ve Been Waiting For.

About ten years ago as the stock market was plummeting in a Fight Club-esque ending style that would have given the American 1920’s a run for their money; a lone whitepaper appeared somewhere on the backwaters of the internet. It detailed the beginnings of a new type of money that was going to hit the market. One that was impervious to fraud and the manipulations of corporations and governments, one that was being made for the people. One that was foretold to bring balance to an otherwise corrupt system.

Today we know that coin as Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin was formed and grew we began to see a lot of other coins try and copy the success of Bitcoin. Once these failed and it was widely accepted there would have to be something more than being a clone to be worth anything, we began to see a rise of coins that posed answers to real world problems. Thus, we watched in awe as a full, vibrant, and diverse community evolved out the blockchain.

We (as a community) have successfully built protocols, infrastructure, blockchains, and scaling mechanisms. Now we need real-world applications everyday people will use in order to increase the adoption rate, and we are not referring to Dapps.

This is why HubrisOne have entered the arena. To provide an all in one digital personal banking solution to Cryptocurrency. It’s much like your bank today, but you can also access your cryptocurrency wallets directly from your app.

HubrisOne will be leveraging OmiseGo white-label blockchain software, Stellar blockchain for international payments and Ethereum for the Hubris utility token to access features and receive discounts. Read full Hubris token use-case here.

HubrisOne plans to offer you an all in one banking and cryptocurrency solution which will simplify access and increase the exposure of cryptocurrencies to the masses. Familiarity breeds adoption.

Imagine this. You can have your own EUR, USD, and GBP personal digital bank account and debit card in addition to your cryptocurrency wallets, all side by side. Simple, secure and beautiful. Did we mention that you will have crypto-lending built in?

You’re probably wondering great idea… but are you regulated do you have a license? We have secured a card partner in the UK that will allow us to leverage their E-money license as an authorized agent. This will allow us to operate within the EU legally as a digital banking alternative.

Say Hello to HubrisOne.


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