HubrisOne & Walkyfit Partnership

Partnership Announcement, LONDON, 04/12/2018

HubrisOne & Walkyfit Enter into a Partnership agreement

WalkyFit patented token app dispenser distributes different crypto assets according to the user physical activity (walking, sports) and using an augmented reality game — “Coins Rains” — creates rains of crypto assets where users are located.

Free users can try the service but Premium users set the key difference.

WalkyFit — Is an innovative Green Fitness App — a gaming solution used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the first App to be considered a “crypto assets utility dispenser” with a brilliant functional concept: a patent-pending, technology, transforming movements into tokens.

We’re excited to be partnering with an innovative company with a strong unique focus on combining fitness with cryptocurrency.

Originally published at HubrisOne Blog.

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