HubrisOne Partners with Heluss

HubrisOne Partners with Heluss

We’re pleased to announce the formal partnership between HubrisOne and Heluss. This is partnership further strengthens our marketplace proposition and allows HubrisOne customers to access affordable blockchain based insurance. We look forward to collaborating and building with the team at Heluss.

Heluss, based in Canada, provides innovative solutions to the insurance industry, transforming how traditional policies work with the use of blockchain technologies, smart contract and AI in claims management.

Its business model is defined by a 40–40–20 rule. Forty percent of premiums are allocated for claims and the reinsurance fund. Any savings are returned to token holders as bonuses, rewards, incentives and other means to increase community engagement. Another 40 percent is tokenised for policyholders in HUT tokens. These funds are kept in a “H-Vault” reserve in the form of physical assets. The remaining 20 percent is allocated for Heluss’ ecosystem operations.”

Jean Pierre Rukebesha added:”Heluss is dedicated to disrupting the insurance industry by tokenizing and gamifying the insurance industry. We are committed to taking insurance back to its roots…Serving community. We plan to start with crypto price protection insurance, personal items insurance, loan and savings insurances and travel. Partnering with HubrisOne will help us focus on our core business while ensuring seamless transactional, multidimensional services to our community and shared marketing efforts.”

Originally published at HubrisOne Blog.

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