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Before we begin, please take note of the necessary important information below.

Please note: HubrisOne’s YieldX token will have no pre-mine, founders fees or seed investment, this is a fair launch.

Disclosure: We conducted a successful crowd-funded seed investment in 2018 where we exchanged ~6% of company equity. We have zero VC investors, all of our investors are individuals.

Now the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s dig in.

HubrisOne X

HubrisOne X, is a new Automated Market Making exchange protocol that is building upon the success of UniSwap and SushiSwap with a few key changes integrated. We spent significant time assessing the disadvantages of both protocols and have incorporated these changes in the HubrisOne X protocol in order to address these limitations. …

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A few weeks ago we announced during our 2020 road map announcement that as part of our on-going strategy we will be restructuring our utility token, currently known as HBRS, with contract address.

Added 16th Feb 2020

How do I participate in the Swap?

  1. Send your HBRS tokens to this address: 0xa587fe3482b0d167970dc1e00d0cfff3258fbf16
  2. WIthin 10 mins of sending your HBRS token you will receive HB1 tokens at a 10:1 ratio.
  3. Make sure you have gas (ETH) balance in your wallet to send out the transaction.

There are a few key changes coming and a few key things to note with the release of our new token. …



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